Xkcd Episode 1110 for the Impatient

In case you really can't take the time to explore the hidden universe created by Xkcd in Episode #1110 (Click and Drag), you can find a down-scaled version of the original 165888 pixels wide by 65536 pixels tall artwork on this page, with direct links to the 225 images used in this fine issue.
Have fun!

Updating Drupal with FileZilla, WinMerge and 7-Zip on Windows in 10 steps

In a previous blog post I explained how to review and perform a Drupal update from the *NIX command-line.

Not always do you have access to the *NIX command-line, or you may feel more comfortable using off-the-shelf tools on your Windows computer for the job. Then this post is for you.

For me it takes about 10 minutes to process the 10 steps below. Writing up the post and providing screenshots took much longer.

Revisiting the lateral support for my 14 inch f/5 telescope

Time to resume working on my 14" f/5 telescope project.

The mirror cell parameters have been computed with PLOP. A standard 6 points cell it will be, with support points at 106.9mm. Here are a couple images of the cell - the discussion can be found on Cloudy Nights:

Spammers beware

Dear spammer, do not even bother spamming my blog. Your entries are filtered anyway, and links are "rel=nofollow" by default.
Any spammer will be reported to sites like www.stopforumspam.com.
Posted in reply to a recent surge of Turkish spammers, based on illegal paid blog spamming activity posted in r10 dot net. This activity has been reported to the owner of the forum.

Spread the word

You just wrote a blog post that you believe might be useful for others. Here's a simple way to lower the threshold for readers to bookmark and spread the word about your featured post: Share This. This neat Drupal module will display a "Share This" widget, where your audience can select their preferred soclai networking site where they want to share your words.

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