Media Center Exploration Part 1 - Basic requirements and use cases

Since it's winter time and it's currently snowing, I resumed thinking in a more structured way on what I would define as being a good ‘media center’ solution.

7 Must-have Drupal 6 admin modules

Drupal has literally hundreds of plugins (modules and themes) to choose from. After having set up quite some Drupal environments I start to find a couple Drupal administration modules particularly useful. Most are lightweight, and all are quite useful:

Regular site maintenance is done

After a way too long hiatus (which was mainly due to a remodeling job that took longer and became more extensive than anticipated) I finally took the time to update the website engine (Drupal and assorted extra modules) to the most recent version. This should make it less vulnerable to external threats. Fortunately most spammers are already caught by Mollom, although I had to handle 2 uncaught spam comments in the past week.

Herald-Bobroff chart references for the SAC database of deep-sky objects

The Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC) Database is the result of more than 20 years of devotion to create and maintain a list of more than 10,000 worthwile deep-sky objects within reach of many amateur astronomers. The database is managed by Steve Coe and has a historic data format. It contains lots of information about these objects, such as the object type, celestial coordinates (RA and Dec), brightness, position angle etc. but also links to charts in the first release of Uranometria 2000.0 and in the Tirion Sky Atlas 2000.0.

Linux to the Rescue of Windows Vista

This weekend my parents bought a new Acer desktop that comes preloaded with Windows Vista. Upon first boot you have to choose the OS language. Usually from then on the setup works flawlessly. This time it didn't.

Some Vista users are caught forever in a reboot lock after undoing an OS update. In this case you can either be happy to have a Vista recovery DVDs at hand (which we obviously didn't have), or the only remaining option is a partition editor.

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