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7 Must-have Drupal 6 admin modules

Drupal has literally hundreds of plugins (modules and themes) to choose from. After having set up quite some Drupal environments I start to find a couple Drupal administration modules particularly useful. Most are lightweight, and all are quite useful:

Regular site maintenance is done

After a way too long hiatus (which was mainly due to a remodeling job that took longer and became more extensive than anticipated) I finally took the time to update the website engine (Drupal and assorted extra modules) to the most recent version. This should make it less vulnerable to external threats. Fortunately most spammers are already caught by Mollom, although I had to handle 2 uncaught spam comments in the past week.

Linux to the Rescue of Windows Vista

This weekend my parents bought a new Acer desktop that comes preloaded with Windows Vista. Upon first boot you have to choose the OS language. Usually from then on the setup works flawlessly. This time it didn't.

Some Vista users are caught forever in a reboot lock after undoing an OS update. In this case you can either be happy to have a Vista recovery DVDs at hand (which we obviously didn't have), or the only remaining option is a partition editor.

August 16, 2008: Partial lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses are beautiful events where you expect to see a full moon but instead you see Luna obscured while it crosses Earth's shadow. On August 16, 2008 there was a partial lunar eclipse, 15 days after August 2nd's solar eclipse.

Two things connect both eclipses. First it's common to have solar and lunar eclipses around the same time. Second, both events were challenging to observe due to high altitude clouds in Brussels.

Mollom - Software as a Service to fight Web Spam

Opening up a public website to allow people to comment is a risky endeavor nowadays. Vandalism and ‘blog spam’ can be very labor intensive to cure after an attack. Fortunately there are a couple products and services that help in fighting this Digital Evil through machine parsing.

Do you Twitter?

Today I have been introduced to the magical world of Twitter, some sort of ‘nanoblog’ where you can post what you're currently doing, but not much more. Yeah right you'd think, since Facebook offers this function as well for quite some time already. Granted, but Twitter allows you to do so very simply through the Web or even via your cell phone.

Spammers get more aggressive

Bored of spam (unsolicited mails)? I bet it's hard to find someone who is not at least annoyed by this intrusive phenomenon. For a couple weeks I noticed many spammers switched tactics from misspelling words in the subject to plainly insulting the addressee. It appears spammers constantly learn from online experiences to trigger your reaction. I wasn't expecting flame war tactics to emerge in the spam plague.

Added a Tech Tips section

I decided to create a Tech Tips section to my site. Enjoy!

Added Views module

Since I recently upgraded this site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.2 it was about time to try out the new Views module for Drupal 6.

Website updated to Drupal 6.2

Finally I bit the bullet and upgraded my Drupal 5.x based site to Drupal 6.2. I also decided to switch to the Garland theme, and added a blog.

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