Spammers get more aggressive

Bored of spam (unsolicited mails)? I bet it's hard to find someone who is not at least annoyed by this intrusive phenomenon. For a couple weeks I noticed many spammers switched tactics from misspelling words in the subject to plainly insulting the addressee. It appears spammers constantly learn from online experiences to trigger your reaction. I wasn't expecting flame war tactics to emerge in the spam plague. I bet some would lose their temper when they find mails with subject lines like “You look really stupid «insert name here»” or “What a stupid face you have here «insert name here»”. That is precisely what these spammers want.

What is even more questionable a practice is misusing bad news for conveying spam. After the terrible China earthquake and the numerous aftershocks some spammers started bombing mailboxes with fake news headlines.

The increasingly aggressive manners of spammers will eventually be adopted by mala fide hackers spreading malware to bona fide people. If you look at all these threats it is no wonder a Netizen faces hard times today as Netiquette appears to be out. Modern Netizens need to constantly learn how to deal with the swiftly evolving digital reality enabled by the Internet. Including spammer tricks.

Time for ‘Netucation’?

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