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Today I have been introduced to the magical world of Twitter, some sort of ‘nanoblog’ where you can post what you're currently doing, but not much more. Yeah right you'd think, since Facebook offers this function as well for quite some time already. Granted, but Twitter allows you to do so very simply through the Web or even via your cell phone.

Apart from being able to post what you're doing, Twitter allows you to track other people, and they can also track you. The social networking functionality is augmented with messaging to other members. All of this at the click of a mouse.

Definitely stuff for geeks. But it's fun!

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Twitter &

Twitter is a weird thing... When I first saw it, I was like: why would you use this. Until a couple of days ago a friend started following me. I decided to give it a go. I feel an addiction creeping in. I'm thinking of other use cases than "what are you doing". Will come in handy for the new website I'm conceptualizing.BTW, seems to offer Twitter-like stuff, plus much more.

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Re: Twitter &

Hi Vladsky!

I have to admit Twitter is an oddity. The functionality is quite basic, but maybe that's the reason for Twitter's success as an ultra minimalistic Facebook. Right now I have no idea how long I'll be able to keep up with Twitter, but it certainly is a fun experiment!

Nick told me about FriendFeed... I guess there's no way back for me now :D

What I find more interesting, is to try to see which model will prevail: all-in-one Facebook or a loose coupling of Web 2.0 information appliances through aggregation on a site like FriendFeed.

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What do you use to filter comments?

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Re: commenting

See my recent blog post :-)

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