7 Must-have Drupal 6 admin modules

Drupal has literally hundreds of plugins (modules and themes) to choose from. After having set up quite some Drupal environments I start to find a couple Drupal administration modules particularly useful. Most are lightweight, and all are quite useful:

  1. JQuery menu provides dynamic menu blocks. I use it extensively for the Navigation menu which needs to do a full page load if this module is not enabled. You install it, enable it and then configure the menus for which this module should provide jQuery enabled dynamic alternative blocks. Enable and position these blocks and you're done!
  2. Protect Critical Users prevents the currently logged in user to delete itself, and also prevents the 1st user (the Drupal super user) from deletion. I don't know why this module is not part of Drupal 6 core.
  3. Transliteration provides a mechanism to transform multilangual, multi character set texts into "safe" alternatives that will work on virtually every platform. It supports e.g. transliteration from native Russian (Cyrillic) into Latin-1 character coding.
  4. Devel provides a collection of tools that are invaluable to "Drupal engineers". With the Krumo integration you will always have a means of inspecting your system when an error occurs on a page. this module provides a lot of additional developer power and should be part of the default environment of many Drupal deployments.
  5. Cookie Check provides a simple check whether cookies are supported. This is important in cases where cookies convey the Drupal user session. It will warn the users if they use a cookie-less browser.
  6. Diff provides a simple means for visualising differences between two revisions of a given type of content (e.g. nodes). Users that have the permission of seeing revisions will then be able to see them in a nicer way.
  7. Wysiwyg provides a framework in which many rich text editors can be imbedded. It offers a uniform way of exposing WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) like content editors to users based on the input formats. Installing a rich text editor in this module is well documented. There is currently a choice between about 10 different editors.

There are other modules that are worth mentioning here, but this list of 7 modules is already a good start.

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