Do you like the new layout?

As you may have seen in the past few weeks I have been trying out new layouts for my website. I moved from the Acquia Slate theme to the Colourise theme and customised it a bit.

Personally I'm starting to like this layout, I even tried to create some artwork Laughing

Does it read better than the previous layout?

What should I change still?

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Yet some added tweaks, but no luck for MSIE6

Today I took the time to enhance the layout a bit. As a result I now use a transparent PNG watermark which works as expected on Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox, but unfortunately not on Internet Explorer 6. I did not try it yet on Internet Explorer 7 sice I no longer have it installed on one of my computers.

If you're still on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, you'll see a white rectangle with gray text on every page header instead of a nice semi-transparent watermark superimposed on a photograph. I will not provide a fix for this old and unsupporte browser, unless somebody can direct me to a solution which works 'out of the box' Wink

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MSIE6 should be fine now as well!

What did the trick, is setting the height of the <div> container to the height of the PNG watermark with alpha channel first, then offset the top padding from the containing <div> to lower the image, then replacing the <div> containing the watermark with a plain <img> tag with image width and height set. Finally enable the JavaScript PNG transparency fix for older MSIE versions, that is shipped with the Colourise Drupal theme.

Sounds ugly, I know, but at least it works {#emotions_dlg.grin}

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main image

hey man, your main image would look a lot better if the text weren't over the mountain.
i'd say make it a lot smaller and solid white with maybe an overlay, then stick it in the top left corner.

some great articles ~ keep it going

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