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You just wrote a blog post that you believe might be useful for others. Here's a simple way to lower the threshold for readers to bookmark and spread the word about your featured post: Share This. This neat Drupal module will display a "Share This" widget, where your audience can select their preferred soclai networking site where they want to share your words.To get it running:

  1. Download the Share This module, unpack and upload the "sharethis" directory to your Drupal's "sites/all/modules" directory.
  2. Log in with Drupal administrator privileges and enable the "Share This" module.
  3. Configure the user permissions (visit your site's "admin/user/permissions" and search for "sharethis"):
    1. Anonymous users should be able to use this module
    2. Leave configuration options for this module for a privileged admin role
  4. Configure how the module should work (visit your site's "admin/settings/sharethis"):
    1. Code: leave blank
    2. Node types: pick the node types you want the "Share This" widget to appear on. I set it to all but groups.
    3. Display in teaser view: tick if you want to display the "Share This" widget in your node teasers. That's what I did.
    4. Where to display: you can choose between 'node' and 'links'. I left it on 'links'; this way the "Share This" widget appears where post links appear (at the bottom of a post or teaser in my Drupal theme).
    5. Weight: I left this parameter to 0; you can change the position of the "Sharee This" widget by sinking (higher weight) or floating (lower weight) the widget.
  5. Click "Save Configuration" and you're ready to let your audience spread the word!

Have fun Smile

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