Probably my very first scientific interest. The astronomy bug hit me when I was around 6 years old. Over the years this hobby has been more or less present in my life, with a recent boost since 2004.

Astronomy Gear Pages

The following pages provide information on setting up astronomy gear.

Telescope Making

Information on this website:

Interesting information located elsewhere:

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EQ6 bluetooth

Dear Olivier, We have used your project for controling HEQ5 mount via bluetooth and have build one. We would like to use this to control EQ6 mount but we have not any information about DB9 socet. Could you help us to create cabel with RJ45 on one site and DB9 on the other site. Any schemes are welcome. We will be very thankful if you have any information about Bluetooth control systems of Celestron mounts (CGE etc.) Best regards, Valery Genkov

Sorry for doubling of my post!

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"Demi-Constellation" Abbreviations

Hi Olivier,
I came across your blog when searching for IAU symbols for Serpens Cauda and Serpens Caput. I found your abbreviations for each and recommended them for a project to create Japanese kanji (i.e. Chinese characters) for each of th 88 constellations and 4 other well-known "obsolete" ones ( The creator of this page is Yoshio Kobayashi, a native Japanese, who creates his own kanji.
I was inspired to design these having seen Denis Moskowitz's New Constellation Symbols (  I hope you enjoy these two astronomical meanderings.

Olivier Biot's picture

Re: "Demi-Constellation" Abbreviations

Hello Michael,
Thank you for your comment, and for the links to the Japanese constellation overview! I am happy that my simple approach has been picked up by others - I always found it difficult to point to the right part of that constellation Smile
A remarkable project, even though I don't read Japanese (thank you online translation engines).
However, if you follow the logic for Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda, you should also use an uppercase 'C' in the constellation parts (like in UMa and UMi), as in SCp and SCd.
Have fun!

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Re: "Demi-Constellation" Abbreviations

Hi Olivier,
I'm glad you enjoyed the links provided! I should note again that I had no hand in designing the astronomical symbols, but I did design the Japanese characters (made into a font by Yoshio Kobayashi).
And although I do follow the logic for SCp and SCd, I respectfully choose to use Scp and Scd for aesthetic purposes (I doubt the IAU would ever allow for SCp to co-exist with, let's say, Scp [perhaps a rejected "Scorpio"]). When possible, I prefer to avoid CamelCase, unless it's used uniformly.
Once again, thank you for your abbreviations. I am glad to have stumbled across them!

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